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My Neighborhood: Zoning

My Neighborhood: Zoning is an Internet map service (IMS) application that allows the user to display and query map data.  The application contains basemaps and thematic maps.  My Neighborhood: Zoning provides access to the County's geographic information system (GIS) databases.  GIS is a tool that displays and analyzes map themes to obtain more information about a feature.

My Neighborhood: Zoning uses the same data contained in the County's GIS databases and was designed to provide citizens access to similar information used by County agencies.  My Neighborhood: Zoning provides location and general information about zoning designations in the County.  My Neighborhood: Zoning will allow you to become familiar with the zoning and land use in your neighborhood.    

My Neighborhood: Zoning assists the user to:

  • determine what the zoning is for localized area
  • provide more information about the zoning designation 
  • analyze the zoning designation in relationship to surrounding areas

User Terms and Conditions: Summary

Baltimore County government provides online access to the public information maintained in its records.  The data provided through this web site is the same information available from the Department of Permits and Development Management, Zoning Office.

My Neighborhood: Zoning browser requirements

  • Internet Explorer - Version 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 or higher
  • Netscape - 4.61, 4.75, 6.0 or higher
  • Mozillia - 5.0
  • AOL browser may experience errors

My Neighborhood: Zoning connection and system requirements

  • broadband connection is recommended but will work for 56k or higher connections.
  • supported Macintosh systems 9.0 or higher

Select "I Agree" below to begin your search.  Select "Read More" to review the full User Terms and Conditions or select "Other Options" to learn about alternative methods to research this information.

For zoning certification and the official, legally established zoning designation for a private property, please contact the Departments of Permits and Development Management.

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Revised May 18, 2007

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